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A wave of US tech IPOs has taken over the April IPO calendar . Five US tech companies are going public over the next 10 days, more than double the four that have IPO'd year-to-date. Those four average a 42% return from IPO, with stand-out returns from the three unicorns valued at over $1 billion.

Four US Tech Companies Have IPO'd in 2018: 42% Average Return
Trade Date LTM Sales 
YoY Growth
Deal Size
IPO Mkt Cap
Price vs.
1st-Day Pop
04/17 Return
Zuora ( ZUO )
San Mateo, CA
04/12/18 $168M
40% +43%
Provides a cloud-based subscription billing and management platform.
Dropbox ( DBX )
San Francisco, CA
03/23/18 $1,107M
24% +36%
Leading web-based cloud storage and collaboration platform.
Zscaler ( ZS )
San Jose, CA
03/16/18 $154M
46% +106%
Provides a cloud-based network security service for enterprises.
Cardlytics ( CDLX )
Atlanta, GA
02/09/18 $128M
-7% +3%
Provides a banking-based advertising channel to consumer products marketers.

Note: Table shows organic growth rates. Excludes  non-US companies  that have listed in New York.

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Five more US tech IPOs are scheduled for April, including four enterprise software companies with proposed valuations of more than $1 billion. Investors have demonstrated a strong appetite for high-growth software plays, which should benefit Pivotal , DocuSign and SmartSheet . DocuSign in particular boasts over $500 million in sales, 36% growth and positive free cash flow. While SmartSheet has high losses and comparatively lower annual sales, its blazing-fast growth (+66%) should garner interest.

Five US Tech Companies Scheduled to Go Public
LTM Sales 
YoY Growth
Deal Size
Market Cap
Price Range
Shares Filed
Pivotal Software ( PVTL )
San Francisco, CA
$14 - $16
DellEMC spin-off providing a platform to streamline cloud software development.
Ceridian HCM (CDAY)
Minneapolis, MN
$19 - $21
Wk of
Provides enterprises with human capital management software.
DocuSign (DOCU)
San Francisco, CA
$24 - $26
Wk of
Provides a cloud-based electronic signature platform.
Smartsheet (SMAR)
Bellevue, WA
$10 - $12
Wk of
Provides a spreadsheet-based work collaboration platform.
nLight (LASR)
Vancouver, WA
$13 - $15
Wk of
Manufactures high-power semiconductor and fiber lasers.

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IPO PRO EXCLUSIVE : The chart below shows the valuation multiples for the year's US enterprise software IPOs, and their growth rates. Each of the year's three unicorns has delivered strong returns, averaging 54% from IPO price, mostly in first-day gains. That's a good sign for the upcoming high-growth names below.

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