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In early July, Renaissance Capital will release the rankings of the IPO market's most active auditors for the second quarter of 2019 and will be available for IPO Pro members. With less than one week left in the quarter, below we show a preview of  the quarter's current rankings from our Auditor Screen

The Big Four are currently in the top four spots. Deloitte is in #1, auditing 15 companies, raising $6.9 billion with big names Chewy ( CHWY ) and Beyond Meat ( BYND ). Ernst & Young currently sits in #2, auditing 12 companies and raising $3.1 billion. PricewaterhouseCoopers is currently in a close #3, auditing 11 companies and raising $10.0 billion, the most of the quarter. KPMG is currently in #4, auditing six companies, including direct listing Slack ( WORK ), and raising $8.9 billion.

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