New Fiduciary Rule Could Arrive by Spring


Yes, yes, we know-yesterday we said the new SEC fiduciary rule would be launched in the fall, now we are saying the spring. Yes, it is confusing, but so is the whole DOL-SEC joint fiduciary rule process. A new article in WealthManagement cites two well-respected experts on the issue as saying that they expect the rule to debut within 3-5 months, which could mean either in May or July, much earlier than the autumn date we reported yesterday. However, aside from timing, there are two huge questions lingering over any new rule. Firstly, how comprehensive will the rule be; and two, will states-which are fed up with the federal government wasting time-accept the new rule, or press ahead with their own.

FINSUM : There is still a very good chance that the new rule will get smashed by political fighting and states will forge ahead in creating a national patchwork of rules.

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