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Ford Motor ( F ), Fiat Chrysler ( FCAU ), General Motors ( GM ) reported January sales Thursday as carmakers pared back holiday incentives and a severe winter gripped parts of the country.

[ibd-display-video id=3120212 width=50 float=left autostart=true] Ford and Fiat Chrysler reported sizable declines vs. a year earlier, while GM's advance was less than expected. Toyota Motor ( TM ) sales more than doubled estimates.

Industrywide U.S. sales came in at a 17.23 million seasonally adjusted annual rate. That was just above forecasts from Cox Automotive, which said used cars coming off lease and rising interest rates would be headwinds though the year. Sales fell from a SAAR of 17.8 million in December 2017 and down from 17.3 million in January 2017, the car platform said.

Meanwhile, Ferrari ( RACE ) predicted core earnings will double to 2 billion euros no later than 2022, implying annual growth of 14%, according to Reuters . Last year, core earnings rose 18% to 1.04 billion euros, the Italian sports car maker reported Thursday.

Shares jumped 7.3% to 128.19, clearing a 121.24 buy point in a breakaway gap-up . While the stock topped the entry last week, it was only for one day and volume was weak. Today, however, volume is already triple the average and the relative strength line has also shot up well above a recent handle.

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Here are the results and estimates for automakers, with sales volume as well as sales growth or decline vs. January 2017:

Ford Motor

Cox Automotive sales estimate : 165,000; down 3.6%

Edmunds.com sales estimate : 158,704; down 7.3%

Results : 161,143, down 6.6%

Shares slid 0.5% on the stock market today . Shares have plunged in recent weeks on weak Q4 results and 2018 guidance.

Ford and Fiat Chrysler are likely to be hurt by strong competition in January, Cox said. In January, a traditionally strong month for sedans, their offerings will suffer against new sedans from Honda and Toyota, the company added. Meanwhile, rival GM had fresher SUVs.

General Motors

Cox Automotive sales estimate : 205,000; up 4.6%

Edmunds.com sales estimate : 204,225; up 4.2%

Results : GM sales rose 1.4% to 198,548.

Shares rose 2 cents to 42.43.

GM gave bullish guidance for 2018 in mid-January, foreseeing strong results as it debuts next-generation trucks and SUVs.

Its January sales are expected to benefit from strong demand for the redesigned Chevrolet Traverse and Equinox, Cox said. Despite higher gas prices, trucks and utility vehicles continue to reel in customers and the migration away from passenger cars continues, it added.

Fiat Chrysler

Cox Automotive sales estimate : 140,000; down 8%

Edmunds.com sales estimate : 129,127; down 15.2%

Results : Sales tumbled 13% to 198,548.

Fiat Chrysler shares dipped 0.6%.

Fiat Chrysler will sell "thousands" more minivans to autonomous driving startup Waymo , which is preparing to launch a ride-hailing service using self-driving cars.

Toyota Motor

Cox Automotive sales estimate : 150,000; up 4.9%

Edmunds.com sales estimate : 154,066; up 7.7%

Results : Sales shot up 16.8% to 167,056, led by booming truck sales.

Shares rose 0.6%.

Honda Motor

Cox Automotive sales estimate : 110,000; up 3.4%

Edmunds.com sales estimate : 107,218; up 0.8%

Results : Sales fell 1.7% to 104,542 vehicles.

Shares fell 0.3%.


Cox Automotive sales estimate : 115,000; up 2.4%

Edmunds.com sales estimate : 113,630; up 1.2%

Results : Sales jumped 10% to 123,538 vehicles.

Shares dipped 0.2%.


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