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The U.S Dollar has been rather consolidated the past couple of hours. The FTSE and DAX have opened higher today. CPI comes from the U.K tomorrow.

FTSE & Pound in Focus as U.K Data Awaits, European Equities Higher

European equities have opened with gains this morning, after getting their first chance to react to the late charge made on Wall Street before going into the weekend. The Dax and Footsie have put in more than a one percent climb. However, after last week's tumble downward, the Footsie is negative over the past year. Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee member Ian McCafferty will be speaking later this afternoon about the outlook for the British economy. The Pound remains in a rather consolidated mode, and tomorrow U.K Consumer Price Index data will be published.

Wall Street Expected to Open with Gains, Wicked Results Remembered

Economic numbers via the States today will be rather quiet, but investors will be looking at the carnage caused by last week's wicked results on Wall Street and wondering if the most volatile days have been left behind. Although Friday produced gains, investor sentiment remains fragile. The Dow Jones, S&P, and NASDAQ are expected to open with gains via indicators from the Futures Markets. And important inflation data will come from the U.S mid-week which will have an impact on the U.S Dollar, equities, and bonds.

Outlooks About to be Tested Again, Precious Metal Stable for the Moment

Gold has held onto its gains made earlier this morning. The precious metal is trading near 1323.00 U.S Dollars an ounce in a rather stable trading. However, as U.S investors enter the broad markets conditions are bound to grow more speculative as mid-term outlooks are put to the test once more.

Bank of England Member McCafferty Talks, U.S Accounting of Budget Data

The Federal Budget Balance numbers from the U.S at 19:00 GMT will provide investors insights later today.

  • 16:30 PM GMT U.K, MPC Member McCafferty Speaking
  • 19:00 PM GMT U.S, Federal Budget Balance

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