There is a reason why we do not build our own cars. Well, most of us anyway! Car-manufacturers deal with all the details, and there are millions of them. Can you imagine if you had to build your own car, not a kit-car, but from scratch?

Finding suppliers, making sure it fits all well together, checking it is safe and within regulations and standards. Even more critical is having the time to spend on doing it in the first place. Somewhere along the line we need to earn our living, without that we would not have the money to think about building the car.

I don't think I'd bother and I suspect neither would you.

With real business cloud computing it is the same. You'll need the complete package, not just fragments of it and then trying to integrate it all yourself. What do you know about APIs, data conversions for data imports, different security and privacy technologies and the list goes on?

What you need is everything supplied to you by one vendor. If you have your data in ten different places you have created a cloud infrastructure with hundreds more possible sources of failure. How would you know where the problem originated if one should occur or who is responsible for it?

Things go wrong, they always do, trust me I know. But would it not be better to have just one number to call and say: 'There is a problem, please sort it out!' - instead of ten numbers and then listen to why it is someone else's fault, ten times?

Integrated business cloud solutions are like your BMW or Ford - only when they come assembled and working are they of any real use to you.

Disclosure: The author Stefan Töpfer, is the CEO of - a leading business cloud infrastructure provider. The views and opinions expressed are his and are based on over three decades of personal experience in the PC / Internet industry as a serial entrepreneur, editor of The Small Business Blog, mentor and angel investor.

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